Improved Government and Governance ProgramEPG builds Provincial, District and Sub-District Offices as part of Capacity building.

To effectively implement government policy and projects requires a competent and well-equipped public service bureaucracy. As such, the EPG has also prioritised the building of administrative and institutional capacity within the provincial administration as an important development objective to improve service delivery and effectiveness and efficiency in government performance.

The particular projects in this programme are:

  • Provincial Head Quarter
  • District Offices
  • Sub-Districts, and LLG Chambers


Provincial Head Quarter

| The IPATAS CENTRE– The Iconic Symbol of Authority and Governance for Enga

The first and only glass house in Enga with a Heli-pad capable of receiving 2 Helicopters at a time. Ipatas Center is the administrative headquarter of Enga Province and it accommodates all government offices and 200 staff out of 600 plus public servants in the province who operate out of this building.

District and Sub-District, and LLG Chambers

To effectively implement government policy and projects at the District and Sub-District level Enga Provincial Government have built quality and durable offices to be occupied by the public servants and LLG presidents and elected councilors for conducting meetings and administration at that level.

Provincial Government have built similar Structures in other Districts and Sub-Districts for Effective Service Delivery. These two structures are sample of what’s delivered at the district level.

| Wapenamanda District Office
| Pilikambi Sub-Districts office

Twenty-five years of stable leadership and consistent administrative machinery have resulted in EPG attracting more foreign government and NGO donor agencies to invest in all sectors in the province. ’This has been our strength and a Key strategy for addressing our development agendas.

Chief Sir Peter Ipatas,GCL,KBE,MP
Governor, Enga Province