Our Approach

In 1995, the National Government passed the New Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Governments (OLPLLG) which saw government reforms taking place at all levels. This law provides for substantial decentralization of governance responsibilities to lower-level governments of which Enga Provincial Government and the seventeen local level governments are an integral part.

The Organic Law envisages that the lower-level governments being closer to the majority of people shall provide the required goods and services to them more efficiently and effectively. After two decades of implementing the Reform, the Enga Provincial Government had to take necessary actions to deliver services to its people more effectively.

Budgetary Support

Support Enga Provincial Government with budgetary support to serve the people of Enga.

Public Service Machinery

Capacity needs of the public service machinery to implement Government policies and deliver basic goods and services to the people.

Support Administrations

Supporting the Administration who are our ears, eyes, hands and legs on the ground where the actual service delivery takes place.

Development Partners

Create conducive environment for partnership building particularly with externally based stakeholders.

Twenty-five years of stable leadership and consistent administrative machinery have resulted in EPG attracting more foreign government and NGO donor agencies to invest in all sectors in the province. ’This has been our strength and a Key strategy for addressing our development agendas.

Chief Sir Peter Ipatas,GCL,KBE,MP
Governor, Enga Province