Enga Government history

Europeans—typically Australian gold prospectors—originally entered what is now Enga province from the east in the late 1920s, although the best-known exploration of Enga took place during the early 1930s when Mick Leahy and a party of men travelled from what later became Mount Hagen to the site of the future Wabag and then south through the Ambum Valley to what later became East Sepik.

The Enga province was governed by a decentralised provincial administration, headed by a Premier, from 1978 to 1995. Following reforms taking effect that year (1995-1996), the national government reassumed some powers, and the role of Premier was replaced by a position of Governor, to be held by the winner of the province-wide seat in the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea.

| Others seen on the line to meet the Australian PM and his wife are Member for Lagaip/Porgera at the time Tenta Lau, Kensary Lowaipa, MPA, Luke Kembol – Deputy Administrator, Philip Kikala – FAS Policy and Planning, Graham Taylor – Administrator, Lukas Yalipin, MPA and Tony Tambi, MPA

Premiers / Regional Members (Governors) [1978–present]

  • 1975 - 1980

    Premier - Don Kapi

    Interim Provincial Government
    Don Kapi was the first Premier for the Enga Province.
    [ The Enga Interim Provincial Government adopted the Enga Provincial Government Constitution and in accordance with it the composition of the Enga Interim Provincial Assembly was two (2) representatives from six Local Level Government.The interim Provincial Government had drafted and adopted the Provincial Constitution as a foundation for the establishment of the proper Enga Provincial Government. In accordance with the Enga Provincial Constituencies for elected leaders to represent the respective Constituencies in the first elected Government of Enga Province.]

  • 1981 - 1986

    Premier - Danley Tindiwi

    First Elected Government
    The Composition of the Enga Provincial Government Assembly was elected representatives from 22 constituencies of the province. The Premier was elected by the people of Enga Province.

  • 1987- 1991

    Premier - Ned Laina

    Second Elected Government
    Ned Laina was elected as the Premier of Enga Province

  • 1992- 1995

    Premier - Danley Tindiwi

    Third Elected Government
    Danley Tindiwi was re-elected as Premier.
    In 1995-1996 the new reform laws were passed by NEC to abolish all the existing Provincial Government and establish the new system of Provincial Governments to implement the new Organic Law on Provincial Government & Local Level Governments

  • 1995 - 1996

    Governor - Jeffery Balakau

    Transitional Period Reform Government
    (Suspended on 09/02/1996 by Leadership Tribunal)
    In accordance with the new Organic Law, The Regional Member automatically became the Governor and Chairman of the Provincial Assembly and Provincial Executive Council.

  • 1996 - July to December 1996

    a/Governor - Sir Peter Ipatas

    Appoint Of Peter Ipatas on 28/06/1996 as a/Governor after suspension of Jeffery Balakau by Leadership Tribunal.

  • July 1997 - Present

    Governor - Sir Peter Ipatas

    In July 1997 Sir Peter Ipatas was elected and become the Governor for Enga Province.
    Experience at all levels of the three-tier system of government in Papua New Guinea - local Level, provincial and national Government.
    He is one of the longest serving governors and one of the most experienced politicians in government ranks right now.

Secretaries /Provincial Administrator (1978–present)

  • 1974 -1975


    Floran Mambun

  • 1976-1976


    Patrick Gagia

  • 1977-1979


    Karipe Piase

  • 1980-1990


    Mr. Luke Kembol

  • 1991-1996


    Mr. Sam Abal

  • 2003-April,2022


    Dr.Samson Amean

    The Longest-Serving Provincial Administrator in the Province. Dr.Samson Amean,together with Governor Sir Peter Ipatas had progressed Enga, a backwater province to modernity in the last 30 years of his distinguished service to the province and country.
    Dr Amean was the KEY figure, the driver of modern Enga.

  • October,2022-Present


    Mr.Sandis Tsaka

Twenty-five years of stable leadership and consistent administrative machinery have resulted in EPG attracting more foreign government and NGO donor agencies to invest in all sectors in the province. ’This has been our strength and a Key strategy for addressing our development agendas.

Chief Sir Peter Ipatas,GCL,KBE,MP
Governor, Enga Province