Eviction exercises to claim back all state lands

Acting Enga Provincial Administrator Mr. Sandis Tsaka Addressed the Khala Mandaks, Lanekep and Kayaul tribes this afternoon of eviction exercises to effect within the next few days to claim back all state lands currently under custody of locals.

In a move to reclaim all state lands occupied by locals, Mr. Tsaka plainly approached the locals to be aware of Government presence in the communities and that they must respect to allow for development activities to occur. He added, Developments can not go further if communities become obstacles and reluctant to vacate all state lands. He further stated, any locals who defy notices issued will be forcefully removed apart from all customary land which would be negotiated thereafter.

The Acting Administrator who also hails from these communities explained to the locals of his communities to be the first to carryout eviction exercise followed by other surbubs like Sangu rap, Aipus, Keas, Hidden Valley and others. Similar activities to happen in other state owned land around wabag District where government institutions are currently located.

Mr. Tsaka addressed them to appreciate Government involvement in the communities as the government will only provide basic services and investors or private business are attracted where there’s evident of Government presence.

The Locals in return appreciated much the Enga Administration and Enga Government for addressing the outstanding issues began in 2015. The locals of these communities warmly welcomed the decision and assured the Government that they’d be behind to support any development initiatives proposed.

The URP Party President and Local Leader Mr. Mose Kopyoto represented all the communities by thanking the Enga Government and the Administration to take on the outstanding issues to resolve once and for all. He also advised the locals to respect the government’s decision to evict locals who are residing on State lands and to work closely with the government’s move to bring developments. URP Party President congratulated his father’s for initially allowed Wabag to the hands of Government through whichever way convenient but the current generation must appreciate and allow for further developments to continue. He claimed, because of his father’s decision in the early days had made him where he is today. Mr. Kopyoto also reminded the Enga Government through its Administration to allow local partnership on any proposed developments the government may pursue. The locals are ever ready to support the Government on any redevelopment exercises.

On the concluding path, both parties reached mutual understanding of the eviction exercise to begin anytime and the locals appreciated to support the eviction team when they avail themselves to begin.