Enga Provincial Government Presents K11.7 Million Cheque Payments to IRC

On March 6, 2024, the Enga Provincial Government (EPG) demonstrated its commitment to tax compliance by presenting cheque payments totaling K11.7 million to the Commissioner General of the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC), Mr. Sam Koim, at his office in the Revenue Haus, Downtown, Port Moresby. These payments represented GST Section 65A and Salary Wages Tax (SWT) deductions or withholdings for tax periods from February 2023 to December 2023.

While the EPG, along with several District Development Authorities (DDAs) in Enga Province, has diligently complied with the GST Section 65A directive issued by the IRC, other DDAs, including the Enga Provincial Health Authority (EPHA), are yet to fully adhere.

To facilitate understanding and compliance with GST Section 65A, the IRC conducted regional workshops nationwide in 2023. For the Highlands Region Western Block, a comprehensive training and awareness session took place in July 2023 at the Highlander Hotel, Mount Hagen.

During these workshops, the EPG expressed the need for tailored training on GST Section 65A and taxation in general within Enga Province. Although the IRC team agreed to conduct this requested session and made preparations accordingly, the training was unfortunately cancelled.

Despite this setback, the IRC Wabag Office has demonstrated commendable teamwork by collaborating closely with the EPG to implement the GST Section 65A directive effectively. Their collaborative efforts underline the importance of cooperation between government agencies in promoting tax compliance and revenue generation for the betterment of communities.

This significant step taken by the Enga Provincial Government exemplifies its commitment to upholding tax regulations and contributing to the development of the province and the nation as a whole.

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