Sirunki Farm

Project Description


SECTORS:  Agriculture, Public Sector

LOCATION: Sirunki ,Wabag,Enga Province,Papua New Guinea

SURFACE AREA: 20,000 m2

VALUE: K23 Million

ARCHITECT: Innovative Agro Industry Ltd (IAI)

The Challenges

Innovative Agro Industry Ltd (IAI), a company using advanced methods and state-of-the-art technology in promoting agriculture in PNG. The Enga Provincial Government and the IAI have set up a joint venture company- Agro Industrial Services and Training Center (AISTC)- a modern high intensive farm to be located at Sirunki,Enga Province. A market is already created for rural farmers. The Primary goal of this joint venture project is to grow English potatoes, ring onions, carrots, straw berries and other vegetables by engaging small farmers.

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